Terms & Conditions

By subscribing you automatically agree to the terms and conditions of the service.

  • You are paying for the managed hosting service, not the software (the Discord bot)
  • The software (the Discord bot) is not perfect; no refunds will be offered for issues with the open source software
  • If you pay for the "Standard" plan, I will try my best to keep your bot online 24/7 but you will not be offered compensation if it goes offline
  • If you pay for the "Premium" plan, I will try my best to keep your bot online 24/7. Your bot may go offline for <5 minutes occasionally for updates. If your bot is offline for more than 15 minutes, contact me immediately by created a ticket in the Discord support server. You will be credited 15p (£0.15) towards your next billing cycle per 15 minutes of downtime after you have alerted me.
  • When this service eventually ends, you will be given warning at least 1 month in advance unless I am unable to do so (such as a sudden, unpredicted event causing the end of the service)
  • "Standard" plan subscribers may receive a little more support than non-customers, but if you want me to configure it for you, either buy the premium support package (£8+) or upgrade to the "Premium" plan.
  • After paying you must create a ticket on the Discord support server to let me know. After you give me your Discord bot token I can set up your managed bot. This usually takes about 20 minutes, but it may be a day before I start.